American Auto Trail-Mississippis U.S. Highway 82

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Several lakes dot the area between Oxford and the Wisconsin River. Parker Lake, viewed at left, is a pleasant spot for a wayside stop, fishing, or a little swimming. After crossing Highway 13 , Highway 82 heads across the Wisconsin River itself, where in the summertime people lazily tubing down the river from Castle Rock Lake to the Dells are often floating under the bridge in droves. Castle Rock Lake, the fourth largest in the state and essentially a dammed-up widening of the river it was constructed between and , offers a host of recreational opportunities — including, of course, tubing.

Camping areas, boat launch sites and various recreational rentals are available in areas near the lake, which has sixty miles of shoreline. Castle Rock County Park alone has over camping sites and can be accessed off Highway 82 via County Z just east of the bridge over the river. And fishing.

And hunting.

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A series of hotels, gas stations, and cheese shops you suddenly see can only mean one thing: the Interstate is coming. Here, Highway 82 meets up with U. Patrick Catholic Church at the end of Pine Street, one block off Highway 82, but visible around much of the town. Through Mauston, Highway 82 goes past a slew of growing neighborhoods and several large schools, which serve communities for miles around. A miniature horse along the roadside. Less cute is a cop pulling you over for speeding.

Make sure to heed the 25 mph limit into Elroy. At the heart of all of this is Elroy pop. Buffs of the s who played the wildly popular game Trivial Pursuit may be interested to know that 30 million Trivial Pursuit games were produced in Elroy from to — which is practically a trivia question in itself. Along with a downtown strip featuring a great hobby shop, several bars and a number of craft store, Elroy Commons lies along the trail — a former railroad station — to provide provisions. If you plan on riding the trail s and making a day or two of it, Schultz Park is a good place to set up camp.

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If you prefer a motel, a number of them in Elroy and along the route cater to bicyclists. Custom, creative bar signs are always a State Trunk Tour favorite. This is in Elroy. There, Highway 33 joins in for about five more miles, into Vernon County and Hillsboro pop. The Amish population is significant around Hillsboro along this stretch of Highway Both vehicles can leave stains on the pavement, just very different kinds. Above: Announcing the Country Market along Highway 80 coupled with 33 and 82 here is a large mouse holding groceries, which is better than a large mouse in your groceries, I suppose.

Just a short distance later, another huge fiberglass mouse tells you about more available cheese. There should be no calcium deficiencies in this area. Hillsboro is home to Hillsboro Brewing Company , , which launched in Due to growing demand, Hillsboro Brewing built a new facility called the 2E Brewery on the outskirts of town in fall Their newer brewery adds capacity and event space while keeping up with their growth.

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  • In Hillsboro, Highways 80 breaks south; three miles later Highway 33 splits off to the west. Highway 82 heads southwest, generally following valleys nestled in between ridges like Maple Ridge and Newburn Ridge, with the high hillsides all around. Occasionally you leap over a large hill and duck into the next valley. On a sunny day, the light will play with the trees, especially early or late in the day when the angles often result in dark areas with brilliant light reflecting off a group of trees in the distance.

    Interestingly, a racially diverse and by all accounts harmonius community was more easily achieved in rural Wisconsin in the 19th century than some areas are able to have today. About half the barns he supervised and participated in the construction of still stand, and some are seen along Highway There is an official driving tour of valleys and areas featuring the round barns that use parts of Highway 82 and nearby 33, a map of which can be download here in.

    Hwy. 82 between Lansing and Crawford County slowly reopening

    PDF format. Highway 82 between Hillsboro and La Farge features lots of twists, turns and meandering stretches within a variety of valleys. Be aware of Amish wagons, as well as people trying out their sports cars or souped-up motorcycles on the curves. Through the valleys you enter LaFarge pop.

    The Reserve came from a flood control project authorized in , begun in and abandoned by What remains of the area is the Reserve, which former Senator Gaylord Nelson campaigned to be turned into a national park and said it deserved such status. Visit it for yourself and see if you agree…especially if you rent a canoe! Highway 82 combines with through the laid-back streets of downtown La Farge.

    Rentals are available in La Farge, and a launch ramp is available right off Highway This bluff is just west of LaFarge along Highway As we said, the landscape just keep getting more gorgeous. After hooking up briefly with Highway 56 , Highway 82 heads into the largest city along its length, Viroqua pop. The name can also apply to a genus of jumping spiders, but this Viroqua is a pleasant town where numerous artists have made home. While Highway 56 heads west from the downtown crossroads, 82 turns south through downtown, joining Highway 27 and U.

    The presence of the renovated Temple Theatre and numerous coffee shops and galleries are just a hint of the growing arts community. Highway 27 goes through the middle of it all; architecture buffs can enjoy the theatre, the Fortney Building pictured above , and the Sherry-Butt House, an structure constructed in the Southern style… all of which are on Main Street.

    Highway 82 and U. Highway 56 intersects downtown, too.

    Mississippi Delta: Blues Trail road trip

    Opened in , by Sicilian immigrants Charles and Marie Lusco, the restaurant is still a family-run operation four generations later. Continue south. Order the Chuck Burger topped with chili, coleslaw, pickles, mayo, and mustard and take a chocolate milkshake to go. Along with General Robert E. Try their excellent cayenne-tinged fried chicken. Two Florida high school seniors drive all the way to Canada on nothing but hash brown grease and a prayer. Subscribe today and save. Grant Ellis. Melany Robinson.

    Creating a Trail Nation

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    American Auto Trail-Mississippis U.S. Highway 82 American Auto Trail-Mississippis U.S. Highway 82
    American Auto Trail-Mississippis U.S. Highway 82 American Auto Trail-Mississippis U.S. Highway 82
    American Auto Trail-Mississippis U.S. Highway 82 American Auto Trail-Mississippis U.S. Highway 82
    American Auto Trail-Mississippis U.S. Highway 82 American Auto Trail-Mississippis U.S. Highway 82
    American Auto Trail-Mississippis U.S. Highway 82 American Auto Trail-Mississippis U.S. Highway 82
    American Auto Trail-Mississippis U.S. Highway 82 American Auto Trail-Mississippis U.S. Highway 82

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