Breaking Christian Witchcraft

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Thank you Lord for this blessed day.. Please everyone pray me and my family. I been curse by evil and black magic. Please pray for me and my family. I live in Indianapolis Indiana. They are after me and I need prayer?

Our God jehova is faithful the blessed God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob his word says no weapons is words prosper against you Lord we pray that you will release our sister from curse of witchcraft spoken over you by the fire in Jesus name. Just keep on praying to the Lord! Kerri A. Amen in Jesus Mighty Name. We are cleaned by his blood.


Lord , Thank you for everything I have and what I dont have. You are in control of my life and family. Please relieve and protect us from evil , witchcraft, jexxes anything that can keep us chained. Help us break the curses and give us properity.

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Breaking Christian Witchcraft

Dear God,I ask You today,please give me the strength,so I can stand strong,to have the energy,to break every chain,and the power of all curses. I declare that today,they cannot prosper against me and my family. Thank you Lord Jesus,for everything You have done for me,so that today,we all are saved,by the precious blood of our Lord Jesus.

And by the stripes we all are healed. We all are Victorious through Christ Jesus.

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In Jesus mighty name. Amen and Amen. Thanks God for this lovely day. God guide us so that we can face the day. Please do your sister in Christ pray for my friend Steven his is struggling with satanic forces of evil spirits I believe that our father in Heaven site him free. Here i am Lord down on my knees again surrendering all to you. God go before me and my family.. Lord protect me from witchcrafts and any evil planned against me and my family.. Father they will not prosper in Jesus name.. Lord i give u praise,i thank u Lord,,Iam where i am now bcoz of ur continues protection.. You said no weapons formed against me shall prosper.

I stand on ur promises Lord. I believe u are more than able to kep me safe during these tyms. My life is in ur hands,cover me and my family. You are my shield and i find joy knowing how u ensure my safety. Father i reclaim everything that belongs to me that were stolen by the enemies. You have the final say.. Thank u Lord.. God in His endless power may bless you and your family and protect you, guide you through this journey to Our promise.

In Jesus name. I praise You my dear Heavely Father. I love You and trust in You on my loving Lord.

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We know that only You can give us the eternal life. We are victorious through Christ Jesus,for by His blood we are saved and by His stripes we are healed. We curse out every evil that becoming closer to You dear Lord.

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In Jesus mighty name I pray. All is well in Jesus name.

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Yes Lord!!! I plead the blood!!! Every weapon formed will Not prosper!! The battle is already won!!

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Am ever meeting with strangers in a dream,walking around the river, some dreams disappear without recognition. I want to thank the lord in the name of Jesus as he continues to send his protection over me and my family. The whole video is, like, 36 minutes long and I watched the whole thing. Basically the only hot tip she gives is Jesus. What kind of person offers those services? Which is actually my understanding of how the evil eye works, except that, for the most part, the evil eye primarily affects babies, crops, and your junk. Eckert also points out how even you might do witchcraft without knowing it!

Because all witchcraft is, according to her, is rebelling against God. What are the manifestations of witchcraft? How do you know if someone has cursed you? And the only cure is Jesus, and walking with Him, and more cowbell or something. Which definitely seems like a real thing that happens.

Also, she got into Wicca as a teenager, unlike every other teenage girl who saw The Craft one time, so she knows all about the evil of witches. That is how a Christian can also be a satanist. They have already been inducted into the occult through satanic ritual abuse as a child, and they have alters who carry the knowledge of the rituals. The alter comes forward and takes over to do rituals, and then goes dormant again while your conscious self takes over.

The dissociation keeps you from consciously remembering that you just did a satanic ritual, just like it did to me as a child.

Breaking Christian Witchcraft Breaking Christian Witchcraft
Breaking Christian Witchcraft Breaking Christian Witchcraft
Breaking Christian Witchcraft Breaking Christian Witchcraft
Breaking Christian Witchcraft Breaking Christian Witchcraft
Breaking Christian Witchcraft Breaking Christian Witchcraft
Breaking Christian Witchcraft Breaking Christian Witchcraft
Breaking Christian Witchcraft Breaking Christian Witchcraft
Breaking Christian Witchcraft Breaking Christian Witchcraft

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