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Home Attractions The Pond At the southeastern end of the Park lies the Pond, a serene body of water home to birds, turtles, and other wildlife. Audio Guide.

Pond - The Weather (Official Video)

Entrances Doris C. Freedman Plaza.

Discover contemporary photography, one project at a time

Entrances Grand Army Plaza. Projects Stories Video Collaborations. Your pieces are impressive because they require an aesthetic understanding as well as a mastery of chemistry. How did your fascination with chemical processes start, and why do you think it continues?

Church by the Pond

Your series The Pond , consisting of cyanotypes of hands, presents a ghostly familiarity to your viewers. We all recognise hands, and even though the rest of the body is not visible, the hands appear sentient in their own right.

The use of the cyanotype process might distort their clarity, but the texture of the prints makes them feel very alive. Why did you decide to use cyanotypes, and why were hands important for you to depict?

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The hands are shown alongside your new series Tanks , where the concept of a cyanotype is stretched into a sculptural object. How do you represent the different features of a cyanotype in a sculptural form? What do you want your audience to take away from this work? Text by Cat Lachowskyj. The Pond.

Selected by Galerie Number 8, Brussels, Belgium. Selected by Unseen Platform. Selected by Spazio Nouvo, Rome, Italy. Selected by A. Selected by Fisheye Gallery, Paris, France. On a hot day, thousands of swimmers from eight to eighty-plus can be found waiting to take a dip before sunbathing in the adjoining meadow.

Sathorn Plus on The Pond

As summer turns to autumn and then winter, the Pond is still visited by a large number of hardy regulars in high-vis hats, many of whom have been swimming here for decades. In these essays we see the Pond from the perspectives of writers who have swum there. Pure joy.

By The Pond By The Pond
By The Pond By The Pond
By The Pond By The Pond
By The Pond By The Pond
By The Pond By The Pond
By The Pond By The Pond

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