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The term caught on and is now used as a classy insult. I first heard this phrase from a friend describing a less than memorable sexual encounter.

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Search for:. Last update on November 06, Das ist mir Wurst — what do I care? Related articles. February 26, Learning German for professionals and businesses. December 20, Learning German in Germany. February 23, 19 German slang phrases you need to master. Latest articles. July 11, Refinancing your mortgage in Germany. I agree with perpend; I know, fancy as verb is very British, but I couldn't find any working American version. The crudely americanized version "Wanna fuck? Ist denn nicht auch "I don't care" dicht dran? Kajjo said:. But this covers only the I wouldn't mind aspect and not the I couldn't care less aspect, doesn't it?

For this 15 year-old new member it's a pleasure see this forum works just a defect, lack of emojis hahaha in this really good way and have a very veteran learned and multilingual people at his complete disposal. I study german since a year ago by my own, my uncle lives at Switzerland, yeah, i barely know to write a two sentences but I'd like to go there someday knowing more than ,,Wie geht's? In spite of I ain't got time 'cause the high school stuff, I'll never leave the german. By the way: -In the case of screw of Obama and Merkel, I think it'll be a bother for Merkel, you know what I mean hahaha.

Last edited by a moderator: Nov 5, But because it is slang, it might be necessary to translate to slang. Proposals were: "Fancy a fuck? See Ablativs next post with better rendition. Last edited: Nov 7, Hutschi said:. Okay , I understand the sentence literally but I can not see the joke and spirit of the meaning in this picture. The picture is not that funny.

I can't really laugh, too. It is just about this two world-leaders with the peculiar expression an Merkels face and stupid sexual words put into their mouth. Is it funny? I don't think so, but other obviously like such jokes.

Last edited: Nov 6, You are right. That is the other side, the cultural one. It is much more taboo than English "Fuck" - as far as I understand. To me it is not funny in the picture. By the way, I did not consider the picture until now.

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Uppercase letters make homophones to homonymes. So there are indeed two meanings. All not very funny, but during the last weeks there is a tendency to make Mss. Merkel to scapegoat for international politics nowadays.


So there are lots of caricatures now in a coarse sense. The spirit of that picture is the spirit of Pegida. Anyway, I am sure this analogy was not intended.

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It is a primitive joke and the "Bock" is not a ram, but "Fancy? Because of the context, I'm also sure. It is a kind of joke to create hatred, that is why it is not really a joke. I understand "Bock" just like "Lust". Is there really deeper meaning from journalists? I think we need a vanilla version. Alles klar? B Ja, okay, machen wir halt so. Bis bald. I thought of a different interpretation.

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The more I read, the more I'm not sure. Dan2 Senior Member US. I see the interpretation and the humor as manfy does although I'm not quite as cynical as he is about Obama's and Merkel's motivation for what they do I agree with perpend that "Fancy a? I think that works for everyone. I surely can get a giggle out of the thought of such a scenario.

Dan2 said:. I can't be absolutely certain about the status of the German verb, but it's hard for me to believe that it's "much more taboo" than at least American English "to fuck".

Es ist mir Wurst Es ist mir Wurst
Es ist mir Wurst Es ist mir Wurst
Es ist mir Wurst Es ist mir Wurst
Es ist mir Wurst Es ist mir Wurst
Es ist mir Wurst Es ist mir Wurst
Es ist mir Wurst Es ist mir Wurst
Es ist mir Wurst Es ist mir Wurst
Es ist mir Wurst Es ist mir Wurst

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