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In , a plague struck and reduced the number of citizens by hundreds. Craco persisted through many conflicts, however, its ultimate downfall was out of the resident's control as it was environmental and geological. First, in - , a large chunk of the population migrated to North America mainly due to poor agricultural conditions.

Then, in , Craco started to be evacuated due to a landslide. Following an earthquake in , the site was completely abandoned.

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Nowadays, the location is a popular tourist attraction as well as a set for movies including Quantum of Solace and The Passion of The Christ. Back in the 19th century, after the discovery of a profitable line of gold, Bodie was a booming town. At its best times, the town had 5, to 7, residents along with 2, buildings. The town started to decline at the beginning of the 20th century, showing the first signs with the dropping profits and a few years later, abandoned railway track. Today, Bodie is an authentic Wild West ghost town that has just buildings standing.

Visitors can freely walk the deserted town streets and see the interior remains as they were left, shelves still stocked with goods or occasional litter on the ground, but removing it is against the rules of the park. Mike McBey Report. Bodie is a short jaunt off of Highway , which runs down the back side of the Sierra and is absolutely gorgeous. Oradour-sur-Glane was a village in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in west-central France. It was destroyed on 10 June , when of its inhabitants including women and children were massacred by a German Nazi soldier company. Out of the entire village's population, only around 30 survived the massacre with 20 escaping the village before the SS unit arrived.

The unit, led by Adolf Diekmann, sealed the city and forced everyone out of their houses. Men were led into the sheds where they were shot by machine guns and later set ablaze. Only 6 men escaped, although one was later shot dead. Women and children were locked in a church where the soldiers set off an incendiary device.

As victims were trying to escape through the windows, they were met with machine-gun fire.

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Out of women and children in the church, only one year-old woman managed to survive. She escaped through a window, was non-fatally shot and managed to crawl into the bushes where she hid overnight.

After the war, the then French president, Charles de Gaulle, decided that the village should be turned into a memorial. A new village of the same name was built nearby. Dna-Dennis Report. The woman that survived Marguerite Rouffanche lost her husband, her son, her 2 daughters and her great son of 7 month Perhaps one of the best-known ghost cities in the world, Pripyat in Ukraine was founded in as the ninth nuclear city in the Soviet Union to support the nearby Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

By the time it was evacuated a day after the Chernobyl disaster, on the afternoon of April 27, , the city had a population of 49, Naturally, after the disaster, the city was abandoned and soon became a ghost city. Nowadays, as radiation levels declined, more and more tourists visit the location and various Ukrainian companies offer guided tours around the area.

Jorge Franganillo Report. An abandoned southern quarter of the Cypriot city of Famagusta, Varosha was once a modern tourist area. It was so popular that by the s, Varosha was the number-one tourist destination in the entire Cyprus. This led to a rise in new buildings, mostly hotels and various tourist attractions. At its peak, Varosha was the number one tourist destination in the world and saw guests such as Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and Brigitte Bardot.

It all changed with the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in when the area came under Turkish control. The residents of Varosha fled and the area has remained abandoned and under the occupation of the Turkish Armed Forces. To this day, Varosha is uninhabited and entry is forbidden to the public.

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Don't know why the government didn't try to rebuild this beautiful town, human population keep increasing at crazy rate and thus people need more land to live so instead of tearing down forest to make land, it's not better to just rebuild abandoned town? Another one of the US' abandoned mining towns, Garnet dates back to the s. It was once the residential and commercial center for a heavily mined area. It is believed that in , around 1, people populated the town that was once known as Mitchell.

Unsurprisingly, Garnet was abandoned two decades later when the gold in the mines ran out. Despite suffering from a fire that destroyed half of the town in , Garnet is now one of the state's best-preserved ghost towns and has 16, visitors annually. MikeGoad Report. Hashima Island, also known as Gunkanjima, is an island located about 15 kilometers 9 miles from the city of Nagasaki, southern Japan. There are undersea coal mines, established in , almost 80 years after coal was originally discovered on the island.

It had its peak population in with 5, residents living on the island. In , as the coal reserves slowly depleted, the mines were closed and people left. It remained abandoned until early s when interest in the island's undisturbed historic ruins emerged. The government restored some of the buildings and tourists were allowed to visit Hashima since Unlike most of the ghost towns in the USA, Cahawba is not one of the former mine camps. In fact, Cahawba used to be the first permanent state capital of Alabama from to It is located at the confluence of the Alabama and Cahaba rivers and, unfortunately, suffered many seasonal floodings because of it.

That's why the state legislature decided to move the capital to a better location in As the settlement was abandoned by its population, Cahawba became a ghost town. It was preserved as a state historic site, the Old Cahawba Archeological Park, and people are working to develop it as a full interpretive park.

Kennecott was once the central mining camp that connected several copper mines nearby. It all started back in when two prospectors spotted "a green patch far above them in an improbable location for a grass-green meadow. During these times, Copper became an extremely valuable mineral due to the invention of electricity, automobiles, and telephones, therefore hundreds of people came to this place to work 7 days a week to send the money home to their families.

During its active years from till , Kennecott mines produced over 4. Unfortunately, in the mid '20s, a local geologist predicted that the end of the high-grade ore bodies was inevitable. Most of the high-grade ores were depleted in the early '30s and the five mines closed one after another. The last train left Kennecott on November 10, , marking the end of its time and leaving the place a ghost town.

Sewtex Report. I must be hungry. The town was founded back in with a major gold discovery in that year. One of the city founders was Dr. Erasmus Darwin Leavitt, a physician who gave up medicine for a time to become a gold miner. Although when he started gold mining and practicing medicine, he soon found out that he had more reputation as a physician than as a miner and that there was greater profit in allowing someone else to wield his pick and shovel while he attended to his profession.

Subsequently, he moved elsewhere to devote the rest of his life to his medical practice. At the town's peak, Bannock had a total population of around 10, residents with the last residents leaving in the s. Scenic Montana Report. Located on the Texas-New Mexico state line, Glenrio was originally a railroad town.

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It was a popular stop for motorists on U. Route As the town was on a border between two states, there were some interesting business practices.

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At one point, all gasoline was dispensed in Texas because New Mexico had higher taxes on gas. A local bar and motel were built on the New Mexico side because Deaf Smith County, Texas, was dry at the time and prohibited alcohol. After Interstate 40 was built, the masses who used to travel by Route 66 bypassed Glenrio leading to its decline. Today, Glenrio is a ghost town with only the memory of its former glory and spirit of Route Renelibrary Report. The village dates back to ancient times, as archaeological remains dating as far back as the Second Iron Age have been discovered on site.

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In , there were 2, people living in Lifta, 2, of which were Muslims and the remaining 20 were Christian. After war, Jewish families lived on site, although most of the Jewish community left in After that, some of the area was used as drug rehabilitation clinic and a high school. The last residents left Lifta in and since then the government declared the village an Israeli nature reserve.

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Yehudit Alayoff Report. Dhanushkodi was once a simple Indian city, full of life and laughter. People could come and go by passenger trains, enjoy the sights of the Laccadive Sea on one side and Palk Strait on the other. However, everything changed when the Rameswaram cyclone hit the city. With winds as strong as kilometres per hour mph and tidal waves 7 metres 23 ft high, the cyclone hit the city on the night of 22—23 December Around 1, people died in the cyclonic storm and the town was marooned. The Government of Madras declared Dhanushkodi as a ghost town, unfit for living.

Today, it's a popular tourist destination where people can see the ruins left behind as well as take scenic photos at Dhanushkodi Beach Point. D Kartikeyan Report.

Ghost Town Ghost Town
Ghost Town Ghost Town
Ghost Town Ghost Town
Ghost Town Ghost Town
Ghost Town Ghost Town
Ghost Town Ghost Town

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