In My Lifetime Two Worlds Apart

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Mild annoyance maybe, but not much else. The characters weren't that engaging. I never became invested enough to root for them or care where their story took them.

I never felt like I knew them. They never felt like friends.

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Just thinking about gangs brings to mind tough kids and gritty life on the streets, right? I never felt that in this story. Troubled maybe, but brutal gang members, not so much. And when someone is assaulted or stabbed, I expect to fee This book didn't make me feel anything. And when someone is assaulted or stabbed, I expect to feel the fear and trauma It just felt so sanitized and surface written.

Is this what they call a second chances trope? Not sure if I'm just not a fan of that trope or this book in particular. The flashbacks make the relationship seem distant, not like a living and vibrant thing. If I didn't feel like they should be together, why should they. As far as Meg and Johnny go Meg was the bigger problem than Johnny's decision to change career paths. She was insufferable, hence the mild annoyance.

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Aug 28, Theresa rated it it was ok. Most often I find them overly melodramatic and silly with shallow or cliched characterization and overblown misunderstandings and complications. There was fair amount of all that in Between Two Worlds. She has chose a different path of working in inner city gang neighborhoods and eschews his wealth and perceived glamor.

This from a woman who was madly in love with him for something like 8 years.

Bottom line: I found myself getting impatient with Meg and as a consequence found this book mostly annoying. Aug 02, Lola Hill rated it it was amazing. Healing compromise and a love so deep Ms Shay provided a story rich with love, forgiveness and love. The characters were well developed and believed in their love. I'm impressed with their ability to get passed the differences celebrating their compromises. The gang history added to the complete story.

I have loved every book I have purchased by Kathryn Shay. I think her talent for telling a great story is amazing. Thank you. Aug 14, Hanna rated it liked it. Slow Going For me, reading this was like slogging through knee-deep snow. Beautiful, sparkling snow, crisp, clean air--but hard to navigate. The construction of present and flashback bothered me, and I think there was not enough identification of the characters for someone not familiar with the series.

On the other hand, for someone who likes medical themes and issues books, the things that distracted me would probably not be issues. Jul 27, Linda Lamb Temples rated it it was amazing. Two loving, accomplished doctors wanting different lifestyles..


John, a noted cardiac surgeon misses his one love, Meg. Meg, a family physician who runs a clinic in a rough part of Manhattan, misses John, but can't put aside distaste for the lifestyle his profession affords him. Two lonely people working through life, helping others. Can they both come to realize their lives can work together? This story touched my heart.

Jul 30, Donna Vanstone rated it really liked it. It's a multi level story which gives insight into the worlds of medicine, gangs and the high cost of these in relationships. Meg and Johnny were young lovers torn apart by the cost. Years later, they are brought back together because of their need to help others.

The story deals with trust, forgiveness, and whether two people can overcome, not only who they were, but who they've become. Sep 06, sharon sobzak rated it liked it. Interesting I enjoyed the storyline of hope out of difficult situations with support from the outside. Most of the characters were paying it forward and working in several different fields to make a positive difference. On the other hand, even though Meg was altruistic in her clinic she seemed quite shallow and immature in her lack of acceptance with John's career.

Jul 31, Dorothy Zeason rated it it was amazing. Dream Big Kathryn Shay always writes family oriented, gut wrenching, emotionally packed stories. Two people in love torn apart, gangs, doctors, and excruciating schedules combine to make a heartbreakingly, wondrous story. Aug 02, Cynthia rated it it was amazing.

Great Seeing That Johnny was doing something he wanted becoming a doctor, even though things were tough at times. He loved Met forever, but when he decided to become a heart doctor it strained there relationship.

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Now years later can they fix it. Jul 29, Benita Anderson rated it it was amazing. Two doctors He was from gangs;she had a normal life. They had one thing in common- to help reform gang members. He live d in a luxury condo, she lived above a clinic in the bad side of town.

Sep 26, Rita rated it it was amazing.

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Another great book! This book was a little hard for me to get into because I started on book 4 of the series and there were so many characters to sort out. However, once I got through figuring them out I really enjoyed this story of second chances and love! Aug 09, Diane rated it it was ok. Okayish Short story about two doctors who had a relationship, but split. Jan 05, Deb rated it it was amazing. Old friends I love revisiting old friends.

Aug 05, Steve Bender rated it it was amazing.

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Romance between two doctors, one from a gang background. They struggle to find common ground while trying to save another gangmember in NYC. Nice read.

In My Lifetime Two Worlds Apart In My Lifetime Two Worlds Apart
In My Lifetime Two Worlds Apart In My Lifetime Two Worlds Apart
In My Lifetime Two Worlds Apart In My Lifetime Two Worlds Apart
In My Lifetime Two Worlds Apart In My Lifetime Two Worlds Apart
In My Lifetime Two Worlds Apart In My Lifetime Two Worlds Apart

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