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The Hydromancers are river rats and treated as third class citizens. After the War of Wind and Fire, the Aeromancers nearly wiped out the Pyromancers and enslaved the rest.

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Now the Aeromancers dominate and many fear to rebel against them since they still maintain the atmosphere around each Island. There are a number of forces attempting to finish the destruction of Loar, from within and without. Three groups of heroes, unknown to one another, are set on paths to address these issues. In a world that is withering away in body and soul, crushed by despair, these heroes and a few others who will join them later, are all that stands between total annihilation for the world.

I've been writing since the 6th grade.

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I have a lot of novels written, but never published. While in college I was hired by a gaming company to help design a Lord of the Rings game. I was in charge of the design of Barad Dur, all of the romantic interests, and designing quests, layouts, and a host of other things.

Through it all I've kept writing.

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Islands of Loar is the latest series I've written but will be the first published because it is the most mature and refined. That list is so incredibly long it's hard to mention here. I have a Goodreads page and anyone who wants can look at it. Tolkien, certainly. I was into Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew before that.

Terry Brooks had a very large influence throughout my writing career. Of course I would be remiss if I did not state that my biggest influence, especially in those earlier books, is the Bible. I do my best to be a devout Christian. One of the biggest inspirations for me in that vein is that I am what is known as a preterist with regard to eschatology.

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My earlier books are built directly from that belief. I've also been reading a number of indie authors that have some really good stuff.

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  • What was it like working with " Hero's Guild Publications "? The owner, chief editor, and staff are all a bit crabby and work too long. Hero's Guild Publications is my company, and I am sole proprietor, chief editor and dishwasher, marketing executive, etc. Though I will be considered self-published for a while, in a couple of years the plan is to begin publishing other authors as a full, small-time press.

    I want to make sure I work out the kinks of publishing on my own novels before I start working with others whose book's I'll be responsible for managing. A man named Alex Broca. I found him on Deviantart. I gave him the layout I wanted and he fulfilled it exactly. Also, a fellow author named Ray Mauritsen designed the title and author name parts and did a fantastic job. Alex will be doing all four covers for the series and possibly the rest of the novels as well if our relationship continues as well as it has so far.

    At the moment I'm doing the social media thing, Facebook ads, word of mouth and blog interviews like this one. Fortress is the code name of a cancelled action role-playing video game that was in development by Grin. Director Ulf Andersson devised the concept for Fortress and pre-production began in the second half of Grin reconceived the game in the recurring Final Fantasy world of Ivalice, and included elements of Final Fantasy XII such as stylistic motifs and character designs; additional elements included chocobos and other recurring creatures from the Final Fantasy series.

    During development, Square Enix did not pay Grin over several months, and disapproved of the game's Nordic art style.

    Final Fantasy Tactics S is a tactical role-playing game with social features and multiplayer battles. It was released in Japan on the Mobage social gaming network in May Final Fantasy XIV contains numerous references and homages to Ivalice games, though the writers maintain that there is no direct connection between the two fictional worlds. This patch includes a raid called Return to Ivalice: the Royal City of Rabanastre, which was written and directed by Matsuno.

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    The events of Final Fantasy Tactics are set in the kingdom of Ivalice, which borders Ordalia in the east and the insular nation of Romanda in the north-west, from which it is separated by the Larner Channel. The kingdom forms a peninsula and is composed of seven provinces which were individual kingdoms before their unification: Gallione, Lionel, Lesalia, Fovoham, Limberry, Zeltennia and Mullonde. The insular province of Mullonde is home to the Glabados Church and is ruled separately from the royal government. Glabados is monotheistic and intensely political, underscoring much of Ivalice history.

    Followers of Glabados use the word "Faram" to affirm their prayers. The kingdom of Valendia is also heavily mentioned, and a few of its locations are featured in the prologue and the ending sequence. In contrast to the other Ivalice games, magic is rare, being suppressed by religious doctrine. Other races are never mentioned.

    Vagrant Story centers around the "Dark", a formless, invisible entity. In places where the Dark runs strongest, those who died will have their corpses controlled by the dark, becoming the undead. It can be seen that most rituals and summoning performed in the game involved ancient Kildean magic. Iocus are outwardly intolerant of magic, [49] seeing it as an abomination, and yet its higher members continue to use it behind the scenes.

    Following the characters' discovery of the book called the Gran Grimoire, St. Ivalice was transformed into a "mirror" of the "real" kingdom of Ivalice. The demography consists of the known races: Humes, Bangaa, Viera, Seeq and Moogles, and other minority races. Civilization is advanced in this world where the use of a magical stone called magicite is extensive in everyday life, airships are a prominent transportation and multi-story buildings cover the cityscape.

    According to the game developers, these designs are inspired from a mixture of medieval Mediterranean countries , [55] Turkish architecture , [56] art-deco from Indian architecture , [57] the cityscape of New York City [56] and the Arabic culture found hidden in European countries.

    As such, many patterns are featured as geometrical and Arabesque in shape. There was once the Kingdom of Nabradia and the Republic of Landis in Valendia, now either destroyed or assimilated into the Archadian Empire. Strategically located between the rival neighboring empires of Archadia and Rozarria, Dalmasca's position as a neutral buffer region between the two countries is eliminated when it is invaded by Archadia at the onset of the game.

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    With the fall of Landis and Nabradia and its reduction to an occupied territory under Archadian rule, Dalmasca is set to play a central role in the still-heated dispute between its neighbors, which is escalating once more. These various micro-climates are influenced by the magical phenomenon known as Mist, an unstable substance with the ability to cause great variation over small areas. As such, jagds tend to be harsh, lawless frontiers, uncontrolled by any nation. Mist is responsible for the existence of 'magicite', stones that contain magical powers due to the presence of Mist in their crystalline structure.

    Magicite is divided into three types; spellstones that are used in spell casting, skystones that are installed into a component known as 'glossair rings' that give flight to the vehicles, whether small-sized bikes or large airships, and memstones that function much like recording devices. The quality of magicite depends on the quantity of Mist and not on the size or shape of the stone. The ubiquitousness of magic and magicite, as well as its cost-efficiency, led to it replacing electricity and its various sources as the dominant usable energy in Ivalice.

    Nethicite, another type of magicite, works by absorbing Mist, thus nullifying the effects of magic and storing vast amounts of power.

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    Nethicite can be described as either deifacted or manufacted literally, god-made or man-made. During the course of the game, it is discovered that deifacted nethicite is nethicite created by the Occuria, and that the ultimate source of known pieces of deifacted nethicite is the Sun-Cryst they created. In Final Fantasy XII , the Light of Kiltia, a polytheistic religion, is the dominant church in Ivalice, having influence in the political affairs of the region around the Galtean Peninsula.

    A legendary Purvama Floating Continent raised into the skies by the god Feolthanos long ago, this land is ruled by three "Sacred Crystals" called Auraliths, which erected a barrier to shield the Purvama from the rest of the world. In Revenant Wings , the "Legend of the Floating Land" has become an ambition for Sky Pirates who seek the island for Auracite, pieces of Auralith able to allow one to summon entities called Yarhi.

    The region of Jylland is made up of the western half of the Ordalia Continent and the eastern half of the Loar Continent, with Jagd Zellea to the north of the two continents. There are five regions spread out across these two continents, which consist of smaller territories inside of them, twenty being the number of territories throughout Jylland, which contain a varying number of areas battlefields in each of them eighty-six areas in all of Jylland.

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    Goug in particular, is a town of Moogles. Another race similar to the Aegyl also was introduced along with this game. Called Gria, these winged females are small, but pack a mean punch, specializing in three new classes and one old one.

    Islands of Loar: Sundered Islands of Loar: Sundered
    Islands of Loar: Sundered Islands of Loar: Sundered
    Islands of Loar: Sundered Islands of Loar: Sundered
    Islands of Loar: Sundered Islands of Loar: Sundered
    Islands of Loar: Sundered Islands of Loar: Sundered
    Islands of Loar: Sundered Islands of Loar: Sundered
    Islands of Loar: Sundered Islands of Loar: Sundered

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