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For example, our doomed teen goes on for more than four pages about her first LSD experience, describing what happened and how, yet diary entries dealing with her broken heart over the loss of her one true love are given only. Remember, a diary is not meant for the eyes of anyone other than the diarist, so the writing style used tends to be far more casual than that employed in pieces intended to be read by others.

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Short, diary-entry chapters should begin or end with references to countercultural artists Lewis Carroll, Jefferson Airplane, the Buzzcocks. At the end, a minor character assumes the narration to report the death of our previous narrator. We noted one further theme that jumped off the pages of Go Ask Alice : with the exception of the diarist, every teen in the book who was heavily involved with drugs and whose home situation was described came from a broken home.

It was not difficult to pick out the underlying secondary moralistic message, that divorce is one of the great social evils of our time. That in over three decades, none of the people who knew this poor girl — friends, relatives, teachers, classmates — has ever identified or spoken about her is truly amazing. This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used fictitiously.

Go Ask Alice. New York: Aladdin Paperbacks, ISBN Unfounded rumors concerning Debby Ryan's health were circulated in the wake of the death of her co-star Cameron Boyce. Some say it was written by a psychologist about one of her patients, but greatly exaggerated. Even if it's entirely fictional I still took something away from it. We are all entitled to our opinions and I understand some may not like it.

In my opinion if someone learns something from it then I'm happy they read it. Yes, times have changed and drugs themselves have changed. But the one thing that hasn't changed is that addiction can still ruin lives the way it always has. View all 30 comments. Nov 24, Manny rated it it was ok Shelves: older-men-younger-women , too-sexy-for-maiden-aunts , story-review , pooh-dante.

I guess, should I do drugs? I'm just a made-up girl in a piece of anti-drugs propaganda that somehow became more famous than it deserved.

I meant, if you actually had existed, then what would you have said? The rest of this review is available elsewhere the location cannot be given for Goodreads policy reasons. Jun 05, Meredith rated it did not like it. So disappointing. Some of my co-workers were discussing this book at lunch one day, and I remembered being super curious about it when I was younger, but for some reason never got around to it.

Unfortunately for my enjoyment of the book, I did some digging before reading it. I see on Goodreads that the author is not credited as "Anonymous" as it still is on the cover of the book , but Beatrice Sparks. On the book, Sparks is listed as the editor, but a preface still states it is the real Bwaaah. On the book, Sparks is listed as the editor, but a preface still states it is the real diary of a real teenager.

Now there are three possibilities here, 1.


Sparks has the most depressing job ever, surrounding by teens facing fatal distasters, but always keeping a diary about it, 2. Sparks stalks especially literate high-risk children across the country, 3. Sparks totally made it all up. Go Ask Alice is one of about seven diaries of anonymous teenagers edited by Sparks with Jay's Journal even having the same cover, but with a boy instead , who also is apparently a Mormon youth counselor.

So, if the events of the book are not true, it robs it of the punch at the end of the book. But maybe if it's written really well, it would be redeeming. Sadly, no. This is a book written by an adult, I suppose, trying to sound like a teenager. Apparently, teenagers use the phrasing "I do, I really, truly do! Some reviews I've read also attack the diarist as exceptionally weak, self-pitying, and self-absorbed, with no willingness to change her circumstances.

I didn't have a problem with her characterization, however, since a kid would likely have self-esteem issues in order to be tempted into the lifestyle that she had. Also, this is supposed to be a diary, where someone would reveal their thoughts, fears, and flaws, without really trying to defend themselves. I can't imagine a diary that I wrote in middle school would be free of weakness or self-absorption. I suppose there was an underlying noble cause in wanting to scare kids off drugs motivating the creation of this book, so it has some sort of value.

But at least from my experience, kids read this book and were freaked out in around 5th grade, a while before they would even have an interest in drugs contrary to Go Ask Alice, 10 year olds do not generally sell LSD to elementary school kids in upper-middle-class suburban neighborhoods. Once kids got to the age where they would be tempted to use drugs, the scariness of the book had faded, and it was more of a "hey, remember that crazy book we read when we were little? The rest is simply drug scare tactics written poorly. If you don't have authenticity to rely on, you need something else to carry your book.

View 2 comments. Jan 29, Sarah rated it really liked it. My daughter read this book.


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I was ready to freak out - This book is way too graphic for an 11 year old. I was composing a letter to the middle school librarian who allowed her to check this book out. I was preparing a lecture for Ashley about what is and is not appropriate for a child to read. Then Ashley came to me and started talking about drugs. She started talking about the things that kids say about drugs at school. She told me that she and her best friend had a teary talk about how sad the My daughter read this book.

She told me that she and her best friend had a teary talk about how sad the book was, and how easy it was for the author to fall into the drug lifestyle. They made a vow to always be honest with each other and to always have each others backs. They vowed to speak up if they see the other making bad choices. I'm glad that she read the book. It was such a great starting point for a tough talk. View all 6 comments. Feb 10, Emily May rated it did not like it Shelves: , young-adult.

I couldn't even finish this book. I found it a real boring drag, even though it's only a novella. I tried so hard to get through it, I kept thinking surely it must get better I couldn't stand the narrator, I felt no connection with her and despised most of her views. My eyes skipped through paragraphs in a desperate bid to get past extremely boring parts It wasn't a very good diary, you didn't seem to get a proper look inside t I couldn't even finish this book.

It wasn't a very good diary, you didn't seem to get a proper look inside the person's head and you couldn't sympathise with them. Every time something went wrong, I wanted to strangle the girl for being so damn pathetic I didn't come away feeling that I gained anything or experienced a good story, the supposed message about drugs was mixed. I know the allure of this book comes from the fact that it's a true story and someone's actual diary, well maybe they should have discarded the original and made one up because, true or not, this girl and her endless self-pity just made me sick. I suppose there's always the possibility that the ending would have stolen my heart for being so incredible, but I honestly don't feel any regret at never finding out.

View all 13 comments. Aug 30, Mary rated it did not like it.

The Book That Defined My Teen Anxiety Turned Out to Be a Lie

I read this for the first time in college as part of a reading-intensive young adult lit class, and it was the worst of the many, many books we read. For one girl in the class, it was the only book of the many, many we read that she actually liked, solely because it was the only one she morally approved of man, how she loathed Weetzie Bat. She went on to become our slacker school's valedictorian. She was a poet and used the word "tapestry" too much in her writing.

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I think all of this is quite I read this for the first time in college as part of a reading-intensive young adult lit class, and it was the worst of the many, many books we read. I think all of this is quite reason enough to stay away from this book. View 1 comment. Aug 02, Mista Frade rated it did not like it. This is a sensationalist piece of garbage. A DARE commercial on speed pun was intended and I just didn't care about anyone because it was so poorly written. View all 5 comments. Jul 09, Carly rated it did not like it Shelves: young-adult.

It was written back when conservatives thought they needed to fictionalize drug abuse in order to frighten teenagers.

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If you're not convinced that Go Ask Alice is fiction, read another "diary" that Beatrice Sparks has edited, like Jay's Journal, which is so ridiculous, even year-olds can see that it's poorly written fiction. View all 9 comments. Jun 02, Alex rated it liked it Recommends it for: squares. Shelves: favorite-reviews , On July 10, she was secretly dosed with LSD at a party.

By July 20, she was using intravenous drugs. By September she had bought a leather fringed vest, and it was all over. Within a few months our unnamed heroine has been gang raped on heroin; shortly after that, she's become a "Priestess of Satan" and drugs have literally "took her the homo route. Drugs make you gay, kids. Go Ask Alice - marketed as a real teen's diary - was actually written by Beatrice Sparks, a Mormon youth therapist who lied about her PhD and wholly invented this story, as well as many other insane fake teen journals about things like Satanism and AIDS.

It contains every ludicrous canard trotted out by the direly lame anti-drug crusaders throughout the 70s and 80s, and was required reading for two generations of kids who learned that school was not going to be the right place to learn anything useful about drugs.

Just Ask Alice! Just Ask Alice!
Just Ask Alice! Just Ask Alice!
Just Ask Alice! Just Ask Alice!
Just Ask Alice! Just Ask Alice!
Just Ask Alice! Just Ask Alice!
Just Ask Alice! Just Ask Alice!
Just Ask Alice! Just Ask Alice!
Just Ask Alice! Just Ask Alice!

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