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But what surprised me most was the way the male author has written and narrated the story of a young girl so well. At no point you would feel that the story is not written by the fairer sex.

Love is Vodka

After reading for a while, I found myself googling Amit Shankar, just to establish his masculinity. But, to my amazement I found out that he was indeed a male author who has done such a brilliant job bringing out the character of a young girl with her own share of love issues and insecurities.

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Love is Vodka has a number of positives. The language is simple and the style is breezy. Foreign Policy.

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Photo Gallery. Media Gallery. Book Launch. Home About Us Store. Being a love child; Moon, the protagonist is anything but a conventional teen. The whole idea of having one partner and love being eternal is beyond her comprehension. Destiny further complicates things by blessing her with a big time modelling assignment and she becomes famous and popular overnight.

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Will she decipher the true meaning of love? Embark on an exhilarating rendezvous with Moon and discover love like never before. Well, to start with, I was a little skeptical about this book at the start. I received the book by blogadda just before I was setting out on a vacation to Rajasthan.

I carried the book along and read it during the travel.

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The one thing that I really appreciate in the book is the characterization of its female leads. Weather it is the lead protagonist, Moon or her mother Payal Malik, they are showcased as the current age, strong females with a head of their own. While Moon is on a constant lookout for true love and its meaning during the course of the book, Payal has been a single mother who has built a strong career and a place in society. The book connects with you at several levels emotionally.

A grown up teen, her perspective of the society, the relationship with the parent, fatherly love, …….. I almost cried when the story reaches its peak with Moon having the first taste of success and her father passing away in a plane crash on his way to meet her for the first time…. The only section where the book becomes a bit slow for me is towards the end.. The anti-corruption rally and how it turned into a political stunt was so quite resembling the Anna movement….

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Love Is Vodka Love Is Vodka
Love Is Vodka Love Is Vodka
Love Is Vodka Love Is Vodka
Love Is Vodka Love Is Vodka
Love Is Vodka Love Is Vodka
Love Is Vodka Love Is Vodka
Love Is Vodka Love Is Vodka

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