Name It, Claim It and Take It

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Brief sermon outline.

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Sermon Named and Claimed Isaiah That which is true of Israel, is also true and even in a higher sense of the church. I have called thee a. Egypt was the most ancient, most civilized, most powerful and wisest nation; yet God chose Israel b. My sheep, Scripture: Isaiah Denomination: Baptist. Early believers were able to face opposition and tribulation because they focused upon their identity, following Jesus. What is our identity? Sometimes, we get suckered in by the idea that identity and relationship are not important.

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Scripture: Acts This message teaches on giving to the Kingdom of God and how God prospers those that give willfully, cheerfully, and unreservedly.

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Scripture: Genesis Denomination: Pentecostal. Denomination: Calvary Chapel. The soldier walks 21 steps. On the 21st step he turns and faces the tomb he is guarding. He does this for 21 seconds. The soldier then turns to head back the other direction. He moves his rifle to his outside shoulder away from the tomb. After 21 seconds he walks 21 steps and repeats the Scripture: Colossians Denomination: Lutheran.

The true story of President James Garfield is used as the illustration. It is a brutal enemy of all humanity. It is ugly. It smells.

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It hurts. It tears at the heart like a ravenous The Prosperity Gospel promises its followers health, wealth and success. What could be wrong with that? Scripture: James This is the 3rd sermon in the series "God's Terms And Conditions".

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How do you receive what you pray for? We call this event Palm Sunday. From there, Jesus went into the Temple and The greatest danger in prosperity theology is its hidden message of self-deification. He told them Scripture: Mark Denomination: Christian Church. Where is that power that silenced the storms, and the wind obeyed His voice? Where is the p An inspiring song.

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When it seems am lonely. I remembered this song, I took the hymnal and open to Take the name of Jesus with you. God used it for me to restore my joy. JESUS is a precious name. Jesus is My Hope here on Earth. I sit here tonight on my hospital bed and my husband is across the room safely sleeping.

name it and claim it

I am on the cancer floor and here praying not only for me but all my loved ones who see me and fear for my health, and also pray for all here sick this night. Many are young and have sweet young families and many may not know our Jesus. I have been singing the original words and also these new words. I do know in times of joy or times of sadness to just say his name or to sing it might be better and He will lighten our way. Praise His Holy Name. Jesus is alive and in this room with me and everywhere I go. Take His Name with you and feel His love surround you.

Follow us:. Toggle Navigation. Take the name of Jesus with you The music cannot be played on your browser. Text Piano Guitar. Comment Your Name.

Your Comment. Cancel Comment. Oct 17 Oct 1 Rahila K. Barnabas Wolverhampton, Birmingham, United Kingdom. Sep 3 Mabel Owerri, Imo, Nigeria. The name of Jesus is my shield and my buckler, my ever present help in times of trouble.

Apr 3 Kwame Accra, Ghana. Mar 30 Feb 8

Name It, Claim It and Take It
Name It, Claim It and Take It
Name It, Claim It and Take It
Name It, Claim It and Take It
Name It, Claim It and Take It
Name It, Claim It and Take It
Name It, Claim It and Take It
Name It, Claim It and Take It

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