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You have a new fan in the far North East of Iceland. Thank you fir writing and sharing your wonderful talent. My friend Ruth introduced me to your work last year. I have read the Derelict Series and the Black series. I have enjoyed them immensely and recommended them to my daughter. I also met Scott Sigler last year, interestingly we ended up talking about you. You are an inspiration and should I ever have the opportunity or desire to write a story I hope it is as entertaining, attention grabbing, and exciting as what you do.

Thank you very much for sharing your craft with the world. Thank you much for reaching out and so glad you enjoyed. Hi Paul love your books. I purchased your audio book The Black: Evolution at shadowpublications.


If you could help me out, I would very much appreciate it. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Email address:. The Black Subscribe To Free Podcast Under 30, feet of water, the exploration rig Leaguer has discovered an oil field larger than Saudi Arabia, with oil so sweet and pure, nations would go to war for the rights to it.

Now that The Black has arrived, will humanity survive? Jonathan says:.

January 31, at David says:. March 28, at Paul Cooley says:. Dallas Kitchens says:. January 28, at May 3, at Criswe says:. June 5, at David Brown says:. June 25, at June 26, at Richard says:. July 6, at Marcus says:. August 9, at August 10, at September 19, at September 21, at September 25, at Dean Kindle says:.

March 9, at March 10, at Ryan Gerbehy says:. August 24, at Katrina says:. February 7, at February 8, at Tiffany says:. August 2, at Tom says:. They take off all buckles and toss the guns aside, anything metal. Then they hunker in the pit where the tent had been. The storm quickly surrounds them, with lighting, sleet and hail. It is just as powerful as the last, with large hailstones pummeling their backs and exploding into chips around them. Best, lost in his recollection, blinks. BEST Oh, no, sir.

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Of course not, I'm only twenty five. As signals officer on HMS Bellerophon, where thirty-three of the forty officers were killed. Please restrain yourself from further liberties in your report. BEST Aye, a-aye, sir. Sorry, sir. GORE I swear we have passed these sledge tracks before. BEST But we've been following them the whole way. GORE It's taking too long to find the others. The sledge tracks disappear into freshly blown snow.

Gore stops. He looks around, weary. Two shots sound in the distance.

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Gore and Best jerk upright and look off into the fog. They run into the fog and disappear. The two of them approach what they just shot. The sledge and tent are behind them, but the rest of the ice camp looks almost as destroyed as the one on King William Island. Some men are slicing up the fresh corpse of a white bear into bloody strips of meat.

They stop, looking down. Doctor Goodsir! They are both wearing white furry parkas. Goodsir are attending the wounded Esquimaux Man. MacDonald and the Esquimaux Woman stand nearby watching. The Esquimaux Man is naked and covered partially by a sheet. He has an amulet around his neck of a white bear, and near that an open bullet wound near his heart. Goodsir moves the amulet aside and probes at the wound.

MacDonald, please take the woman behind the curtain until we are finished. MacDonald takes the Esquimaux Woman gently and leads her behind a curtain. Goodsir grabs the man and heaves him onto his side. The Esquimaux Man moans softly, his eyes still closed. Stanley takes a scalpel and cuts in a spot near the man's spine. He dabs the blood with a cloth, then uses his fingers to probe in the hole he has made.

Then he puts in a pair of forceps and digs about, making the man moan again. Then there's nothing for it and we'll have to stem the bleeding. I'll give them that. The Esquimaux Man coughs, blood flecking around his mouth. His eyes open and he peers at Goodsir, not unkindly. Stanley keeps probing his back. Franklin clenches his teeth. Des Voeux shouting, and that's when we saw the blood. There is a deep loud "halloo" from Gore in the distance.

Des Voeux stands. In the fog they come across a bloody patch, and follow a trail of the blood right into camp.

This damned fog had us walking in circles. What were those shots, Mr. Were they for us?


PDF RIG: A Novel of Terror

I thought we were shooting at bears. We've been hearing one snooping about. We hit an Esquimaux instead.

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They huddle around the Esquimaux Man, now lying near the tent. Goodsir is checking him over. The Esquimaux Woman is off to the side, watching carefully. Gore squats near Goodsir. GORE How is he doctor? GORE Will he live? The musket ball pierced his lung but did not exit his back. If I can remove the ball, he should be all right. But the only place I could possibly operate is back at the ship. Gore stands and turns to Des Voeux.

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  5. GORE I see you killed a bear. They got into our cans, ruined everything. Our luck wasn't much better.

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