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Examine where the ribs join the sternum. This is also a good indicator of age. A forensic anthropologist will compare it against a database of standard markers and it is often more accurate as it is not a weight-bearing bone and remains unaffected by childbirth. Look for the pubic symphysis, which is the joint located in the pelvis.


The older the person at death, the more pitted and craggy these bones will be. Forensic anthropologists will compare this against a database of standard markers to learn the age of the skeleton. Check if there are any soft marks on the cartilage which are left by childbirth as the bones soften to allow easier birth.

To identify gender, assess the pelvis shape; men have a narrow, deep pelvis and women a wider, shallower pelvis, better-suited to carrying a baby.

Learning From Skeletons

For a quick identification in the field, a forensic anthropologist will find the notch in the fan-shaped bone of the pelvis and stick their thumb into it. If there's room to wiggle the thumb, then it's a female; if it's a tight fit, it's the skeleton of a man. Examine the wrists, as bones often hold clues to the primary work of the decedent. Skeleton has a number of small utility classes that act as easy-to-use helpers.

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    The Tower of London is perhaps best known as a dungeon and burial ground where Anne Boleyn, Thomas More and various other friends and exes of Henry VIII were laid to rest after losing the king's favor and their heads. But for much of its year history, the tower was also a thriving palace and community center. Within the medieval castle's walls were chapels, pubs, government offices and residences for the hundreds of Londoners who kept the place running. And as the first new skeletal discovery in nearly 50 years reminds us, not all who were buried there were ministered by the headsman's ax.

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    Two intact skeletons — one of a woman who died at approximately 40 years old and one of a 7-year-old girl — were recently exhumed from connected burial plots below the tower's Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula.

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    The pair are the first skeletons discovered at the tower since the s and the first complete skeletons from the tower to ever have their bones analyzed by an osteoarchaeologist, curators at the tower said in a news release.

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