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Examples of “peaceable”

He showed these qualities in his dealings with his father, his twin brother, his father-in-law, his sons and outsiders.

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Time and again he chose not to fight for his rights, preferring peace to the fruits of contention. He was richly blessed, both spiritually and materially, setting an example for us. Before the two were born Jehovah foretold that the older would serve the younger. Jacob, in contrast to Esau who loved outdoor life and was a cunning hunter, was an honest, harmless and innocent man who preferred to live in tents.

Jacob appreciated spiritual things; his God Jehovah was close and real to him, as can be seen by his vow and prayers. He put great confidence in the promise of God that his father had inherited from Abraham.

What does peaceable mean?

Without doubt Jacob noticed that Esau did not highly value this treasure, otherwise he would hardly have dared to suggest that Esau give it up for a mere bowl of stew. But no, Esau was a materialistic, fleshly-minded man. Jacob did him no injustice in bargaining with him for the birthright. Jacob apparently was reluctant to force the issue by arguing with Esau or with his father Isaac. It took Rebekah to persuade Jacob to take the necessary steps—which he did by impersonating Esau—so as to secure for himself the blessing that went with the birthright to which he was now entitled.

Besides, did not God indicate that Jacob would receive the birthright by foretelling that the older would serve the younger? Still, most Bible commentators find fault with Jacob. But all such adverse criticism of Jacob is out of order. Rather, Esau is the one to be censured for wanting to receive the birthright blessing after having sold it.

By this time Jacob was a man past seventy years old and his destination, Paddan-aram, was some five hundred miles away. En route Jehovah appeared to him in a dream, repeated the Abrahamic promise to him and assured Jacob that he would go with him and that he would have a safe return. Upon awakening, Jacob worshiped Jehovah and made a vow to give Jehovah a tenth of all he acquired upon his safe return.

He agreed to work seven years for Rachel, which seven years seemed like but a few days because of his love and appreciation of Rachel. But at the end of the seven years Laban, under the cover of night, palmed off his older and plainer daughter Leah on Jacob. Jacob could have risen up in arms against such a palpable fraud, but he did not.

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Instead, he agreed to serve another seven years, Rachel being given to him the following week. Jacob, in thus preferring peace to strife, was not harmed thereby. Had he stood his ground and insisted on having only Rachel he would have had but two sons instead of twelve and a daughter. And let it be noted that Leah bore both Levi and Judah, the family heads of the two most honored tribes of Israel.

After Jacob had served Laban fourteen years and after the birth of his eleventh son, Joseph, he asked Laban to send him back to his own country. But Laban demurred because ever since Jacob came to him he was prospering. Jacob agreed to remain upon the condition that he would get all the speckled and color-patched sheep, the dark-brown young rams and the color-patched and speckled she-goats. Now Laban and his sons became envious of Jacob.

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Noting this, Jacob chose an opportune time to leave for his own country. Upon discovering that Jacob had left him, Laban pursued after him and, at the end of seven days, caught up with Jacob. But not before Jehovah appeared to Laban and warned him not to speak bad to Jacob. When Laban met Jacob he began to quarrel with Jacob, but Jacob stood his ground. He pointed to his faithful record of twenty years of hard work and how unfairly Laban had treated him, changing his wages ten times. In the end, however, he concluded with Jacob a covenant for peaceful relations between the two households.

Faced now with the prospect of meeting Esau, Jacob sent ahead messengers to plead reconciliation. When these returned with the news that his vengeful brother was coming toward him with four hundred men, Jacob earnestly appealed to Jehovah for help.

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At the same time he dispatched to Esau a most generous gift consisting of sheep, goats, camels, cattle, asses, more than five hundred all told. After dispatching this gift Jacob met a stranger who began to grapple with him and who proved to be an angel of God. Jacob grappled with this one all night, and in the morning let him go only on the condition that he bless Jacob.

Bill Elliott : The Peaceable Man

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Bill Elliott the Peaceable Man

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The Peaceable Man The Peaceable Man
The Peaceable Man The Peaceable Man
The Peaceable Man The Peaceable Man
The Peaceable Man The Peaceable Man
The Peaceable Man The Peaceable Man
The Peaceable Man The Peaceable Man
The Peaceable Man The Peaceable Man
The Peaceable Man The Peaceable Man

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