The Scorpions Nest

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Where Are Scorpions In Phoenix

Scorpions are not hatched from eggs but are actually born live. Baby scorpions will live on their mothers back for weeks until mature enough to live on their own. Seal any crevices around your home where a scorpion may be able to gain entry. Doors and windows are common entry points for scorpions.

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Inspect cabinets and closets. Scorpions hide in dark places during the day and journey during the night. Clear away all brush, debris and lumber piles around the perimeter of your home. Keep firewood at least 30 feet away. Repair any leaky air conditioners and other outside water sources.

Scorpions - Arizona - Live (rare performance)

Eliminate crickets in and around your home. Crickets are one of their favorite foods so eliminating crickets, will help keep scorpions away. Schedule Service Now Start protecting your home today. Sign Up Now. Click to view the metro areas serviced. Local Branches. What is Taexx?

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Death to the Queen. Kills the termite queen. Eliminates the colony. No colony. No more termite problem. And good news spreads fast!

Scorpions are nocturnal, burrowing creatures. They like to hide under rocks, trees, bushes, in holes, anything where they can find shelter from the sun — including your house and garage. They have been found to hide under piles of laundry, and even seek shelter in unusedshoes. They are also known to lie in wait for their prey so you may not even notice them when you pass byuntil the scorpion, fearing for its life, stings you.

Never handle a scorpion with your bare hands, and insecticide sprays only work when sprayed directly on the scorpion. If you need professional help, pest control services like Watchdog Pest Control are only a call away. One of the most frightening things you may ever see in this world is a mother scorpion scuttling on the ground and carrying her babies — on her back!

It may not look like it, but scorpions actually have great maternal instincts and are excellent caretakers of their brood as far as arthropods go unless she gets too hungry… in which case, a mother scorpion has been known to snack on a baby or two, but only as a last resort, thank goodness.

She carries them for several days and protects them until their first molt — shortly after, these baby scorpions will learn to hunt for themselves and leave to make a life of their own.


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Baby scorpions are called scorplings, and unlike most arachnids, they are born alive and are even born one by one. While scorpions usually give birth to 20 to 30 babies, they can have as many as babies per brood! If you find one wandering your home, chances are its siblings, and possibly their mother, is still nearby. Treat it as you would an adult scorpion and handle it with care.

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They eat a number of insects, spiders, lizards, other scorpions and even small mammals like mice! Taking away their food source will make them want to move to more fertile lands.

Put mesh on your outside vents, and screens on windows. Note that scorpions would rather flee than attack you, but studies have shown that a mother carrying babies on her back may be more aggressive — this is likely because fleeing with her brood on her back makes for a slow escape, so she may want to take her chances with you head on. Handle with extreme care, or better yet, call a professional exterminator! Doing a thorough search of your home and your yard with a blacklight, is actually a very effective way to locate scorpion activity and their hideouts.

When your investigating your scorpion situation, use an ultraviolet light. When shone directly on a scorpion, they light up like glow in the dark stars that we used to put on our bedroom ceilings as kids. This is actually a tough question to completely answer. Scientists are working on getting more information as to why this occurs, However, they have some ideas as to why scorpions glow in the dark.

3 Areas Scorpions Are Hiding In Your Home

Scorpions have what is called an exoskeleton. They possess a cuticle which is a thin a section called the hyaline. Scorpions usually will not glow upon molting. Their cuticles have to completely harden in order for them to fully glow. A common misconception about Arizona scorpions is that they die off in the winter. This is not entirely true though. Arizona scorpions actually dislike winters so much that they opt to hide in their homes until March or April.

This is called hibernation and is also pretty standard for a wide variety of both insect and animal life. What also helps them is the fact that they are built to endure a wide variety of temperatures. Although most scorpions are lone creatures, bark scorpions tend to form clusters when they hibernate or nest. They can even form groups of 30 or more scorpions huddled together. Once the clusters are formed, the scorpions stay safe until the weather begins to warm.

Another option for scorpions during the winter is to make their way into a warmer environment.

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This warmer area could easily be your well heated home. These creatures can be found hiding somewhere in your stores, tiny openings or maybe even your shoes, so be careful! One of the reasons why it could be a little tricky to spot scorpions in your house is because they are nocturnal beasts that sleep during the day and come out at night. They feed on roaches, crickets and other insects. The bark scorpions are the only kind of scorpions that can actually climb walls which gives them a lot of options to hide within your house. Always check your home for these pesky little critters just in case they were seeking a warmer environment.

The Scorpions Nest The Scorpions Nest
The Scorpions Nest The Scorpions Nest
The Scorpions Nest The Scorpions Nest
The Scorpions Nest The Scorpions Nest
The Scorpions Nest The Scorpions Nest
The Scorpions Nest The Scorpions Nest
The Scorpions Nest The Scorpions Nest
The Scorpions Nest The Scorpions Nest

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