Tutoring to Live (Jobs for A New Earth (JANE))

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They want teachers with a college degree, teaching certificate and at least 2 years of teaching experience. It is not known how much they pay yet. Click here for the Chelsea International Education review page.

Their lessons are done through Skype and are all 1 to 1. They want native speaking teachers only and teachers set their own rate. They pay out the 15th of every month. Here is their registration page.

Click here for the Native Monks review page. Teach Away is a large recruitment company based in Toronto but they are now hiring teachers themselves. They are looking for teachers to teach K students in China. They hire everyone, non-native speakers too, with a bachelors degree. A ESL certificate is not necessary nor is experience but they are beneficial. Applicants need to create a Teach Away profile and go through a two step interview process and can be teaching in a couple weeks.

Training and materials are provided by the company. They say the pay is competitive but it depends on experience and qualifications. Click here for the Teach Away review page. TutorEye is based in the USA and they are looking for English teachers as well as specific science and math teachers.

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They teach one to one classes. Not much else is known about this company. If you have any info or if you work for them please leave us a review. Online American School website is down is based in the USA and they are currently July looking for native speaking English teachers with a university education and teaching certification. They are working on a project of creating video recorded lessons for students in grades based on American curriculum.

They also strongly prefer someone with online teaching experience. The also teach math, science, art and business. Click here for the Online American School review page. Teachers can register with FT and build unique profiles on their website. They negotiate to decide how much teachers will be paid. Click here for the Fluency Tutors review page. LinguaPlex is based in Idaho and they are currently hiring English and Spanish teachers they also teach a number of other languages. They want native speakers to give 1 to 1 classes and edit learners written work as well.

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It looks like they kind of specialize in proofreading and editing presentations, CVs and business reports. Click here for the LinguaPlex review page. RealTalk has been around for about 5 years, but their website is new and they are growing. As of April 29th, they are hiring and looking for native English speakers. They teach 1 on 1 and they proved the material to teach all types of English courses, including exam preparation and pronunciation classes. Click here for the RealTalk review page. They have an app that can be used to teach and give video lessons. Teachers can log in and wait for calls from students who are online.

There are no reports or pre-class preparation. They prefer native speaking teachers but it is not a requirement, they do require an ESL certificate of some kind and 6 months of previous teaching experience. They pay with Paypal but it is not known yet how much they pay. Click here for the Hop On Chat review page. They want teachers from the USA or Canada with a bachelors degree and 2 years of teaching experience. Classes are all one to one and the material and training is provided.

They are looking for teachers from Canada and the US to teach 1 to 1 part time. Teachers must have some experience and a university degree and be willing to work at least 4 hours per week. Click here for the EC Talk Canada review page. They want native speaking teachers with a degree, a ESL certificate and experience. Teachers can work as much or as little as they want, or they can work pre-scheduled shifts where teachers get paid no matter if there is a student or not.

Peak hours are apparently 5pm-3am Turkish time. They have an app! Click here for the English Ninjas review page. They are looking for teachers from the UK and North America to work at least 20 hours per week. Experienced teachers are preferred.


tutoring to live jobs for a new earth jane Manual

Click here for the Zamenhof review page. Open English is all over the TV down here in Argentina, with some really silly commercials I think it is quite popular across Latin America. According to their application they want teachers who are able to work in the USA legally. Click here for the Open English review page.

You do not need to know Japanese culture but it is a plus. Good typing skills are also a plus. You choose your own schedule. The students choose the teachers. They provide training. They would like to find teachers that care about people and fostering excellent learning environments so they are very selective about who they hire. Click here for comments and the Topic-Time reviews page. The teach many languages and students get to choose their teacher.

Only Americans should apply. They hire the best candidates so non-native speakers are welcome.

Tutoring To Live (Jobs For A New Earth (JANE))

Masters degrees are looked on favourably. They teach both general and business English in group classes. They are only looking for native speakers with a North American accent. They offer a wide variety of curriculum and they do both group and 1 to 1 classes. They are currently hiring and looking for North American teachers. You can find out more here.

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They teach English, Spanish, French, Mandarin and some other languages too. Click here for the comments and the Lingo Live reviews page.

Tutoring to Live (Jobs for A New Earth (JANE)) Tutoring to Live (Jobs for A New Earth (JANE))
Tutoring to Live (Jobs for A New Earth (JANE)) Tutoring to Live (Jobs for A New Earth (JANE))
Tutoring to Live (Jobs for A New Earth (JANE)) Tutoring to Live (Jobs for A New Earth (JANE))
Tutoring to Live (Jobs for A New Earth (JANE)) Tutoring to Live (Jobs for A New Earth (JANE))
Tutoring to Live (Jobs for A New Earth (JANE)) Tutoring to Live (Jobs for A New Earth (JANE))
Tutoring to Live (Jobs for A New Earth (JANE)) Tutoring to Live (Jobs for A New Earth (JANE))
Tutoring to Live (Jobs for A New Earth (JANE)) Tutoring to Live (Jobs for A New Earth (JANE))

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